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Reviews:EasyAcc 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Power Bank


Having never heard of EasyAcc, I was somewhat reluctant to buy this portable battery, but I can definitely say that it has been one of my best decisions.

As soon as I received it, I set about testing their claims that it could provide enough electricity to recharge an iPhone 5 to 6 times. I fully charged the battery and then charged my iPhone from empty to full each night and the 4 led indicators are a very simple but nice feature. After 5 charges, the lowest led was the only one lit but battery managed to charge my iPhone to 100% again, so it managed a total of 6 recharges before needed a recharge itself. By any standards, that's damn good. They haven't made exaggerated claims about it, it looks pretty nice too, especially in white, although as with anything in a bright color, it gets marks on it pretty quickly.

I'd seen portable batteries that were more expensive and had less capacity, but were from a more reputable company. I was going to buy one of them, to be on the safe side, but I've had this one for more than a month now and I haven't had a problem with it. The warranty should also help if anything goes wrong. You can also charge two devices at the same time, which is nice.


I should probably point out that it doesn't come with a plug to charge the battery and although I noticed this before I bought it, those unfamiliar with how these things work might be confused when it arrives. I just used my iPhone plug to use the cord that came with the battery.


Another important thing I should point out is that while I'm extremely happy with the capacity, EasyAcc can't defy physics. The battery takes an eye-watering 10+ hours to fully charge from empty. It took roughly 13 hours for me to charge the battery back to full from empty. It obviously not a design flaw, but just something you need to take into account before buying it. The battery is for use when you don't have access to electricity, but to charge it up, you need access to electricity for more than half a day. Obviously if you only discharge it half way (which is what happened to me every day on my holiday), it takes half the time to charge it back up, so charging overnight is more than enough to get it back to full.


It's well worth the £14.99 I paid and it will probably get cheaper over time. It's also fulfilled by Amazon, so it came the next day despite the delivery estimate being a week from the order date.


I've seen the negative reviews on this battery and all appear to be because of faulty batteries. It's not unusual for there to be faulty products, especially when they involve batteries, so I think and hope that it's just bad luck. Judging by the number of happy customers, I assume almost all of the batteries work perfectly. If there's a problem, I would have though the first thing you should do is return it for a refund or replacement. I don't understand why people won't do this when presented with an obvious faulty item?


Anyway, I'm a very happy customer and I definitely recommend. I hope my review helps somebody make the right decision, and I apologize for any typos. Despite the long review, it only takes me a few minutes...


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