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RAVPower 10400 mAh


Today in the test of the external battery RAVPower with 10400 mAh.

The first impression for RAVPower 10400 mAh Battery:

The processing power bank is the usual way of RAVPower * extremely high quality. This phenomenon, we have been able to detect all devices tested. I decided at the test for a black unit, because I found the color simply elegant. Technically, the two colors differ but of course not.

The external battery acts as if he could even from a fall from a certain height, but of course you should not try it willfully.

The box in which the accessories and the battery can be supplied, seems almost too normal for this product, but that should be no point deduction in the overall score.

RAVPower 10400 mAh: Performance, Accessories & Co .:

The battery comes partially charged by RAVPower to you and to me he had a good 80% of its capacity. Capacity can be easily read from the 4 blue LEDs and works and the following steps:

1 LED: unter 25 %

2 LED`s: 25 – 50%

3 LED`s: 50 – 75%

4 LED`s: 75 -100%

Included are two cable (USB - Micro USB) for loading your equipment, as well as instructions for the external battery. In addition, you can still find a small bag in the box, which is a really good extra for safe custody.

The on-off switch is easily accessible on the top of the unit. The external battery is not charged, however, when after some time for yourself. So do not worry, whom you forget to turn off times. Go on and off the button you would hold it for about 3 seconds.

For the loading and unloading port are provided on the front 3. If you want to load your smartphone for example, you would only need the "big" USB port and plug the cable on the other side to the loaded device. Everything was very self-explanatory. If the battery RAVPower only one LED is lit, it is time to charge the device. For the disposed in the middle of Micro-USB port is required. Your Infected "large" USB port in your computer or into a wall outlet and the other end into the micro USB port.

The battery can with max. 1.5 A load that is, if your plug the battery in just over 8 hours, this Amper number is also makes fully charged and ready for the next reinstated. The current outputs 1A and 2.1A have. As a result, you can either 1000 mAh loaded in the hour or even 2100 mAh per hour. As a result, almost all smartphones in about an hour from 0 - 100% fully charged.

Of course you can also use your own charging cable. Thus, all devices can be charged with a USB charging port with this power bank.

Conclusion for RAVPower 10400mAh - Quality & Services:

Convinced the second RAVPower 10400 mAh battery and again totally. The build quality is really great and the capacity is sufficient for the multiple load your smartphone.

The RAVPower battery * is not for nothing that one of the best sellers on Amazon and other sites and we are glad to be able to also test this battery.


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