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Nice size, great performance, super bright flashlight battery pack


The EasyAcc U-bright 6000mAh battery pack is quite a little powerhouse. The 6000mAh capacity lets me charge my iPhone5s about 2.5 times. The flashlight is very useful and unlike the feeble LED flashlights that many powerbanks include, this one is very bright and produces nearly 50 lumens. That's bright.

Included with the powerbank:

? USB to Micro USB cable - 9"

? USB to Micro USB cable - 24"

? Wrist strap

? Neck lanyard

The powerbank is a convenient size measuring 4.21" x 1.65" x .86". It weighs just 4.5oz.

On the end of the powerbank is a Micro USB input and below that a 2.1A USB output.

You charge the powerbank by using the Micro USB input port and charging will take about 3.5 hours if you are connected to a 2.1A charger or longer if connected to a 1A charger (up to 7 hours at 1A charging current.) It is possible to charge that powerbank while it is also charging a device although I don't think that's a good idea as it places greater stress on the batteries inside the powerbank.

The performance was very good. When charging my iPhone5s, it charges at the rate of 9% every 10 mintues.

I like the matte finish on this powerbank which does not collect fingerprints. The flashlight is actually useful because it provides so much light and the overall design of the powerbank is pleasing with rounded edges and a convenient size.



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