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Fantastic Easyacc charger for multiple uses


With all our power hungry devices, it’s nice to know that you have a partner keeping them all charged in the Powerbank Bolt 16000s.

The three ports to which you connect devices are all 5 volt DC rated at 1.3, 1.0 and 2.1 Amps respectively. You can charge a combination of smart phones and tablets at full speed simultaneously, so this is perfect for emergency use while camping or off the grid. If you intend to charge the pack itself off the grid, for example using your vehicle's power, the adapter you need has to be rated at 12 volts DC and rated between a minimum of 1.5 Amps and a maximum of 2.1 Amps. This will work with an Aleratec Dual 2 Port USB Rapid Car Charger 4.8a (2.4 amps x 2) for iPhone, Smartphones, iPad and Tablets and USB male to 1mm x 3mm barrel connector (thanks to Jeff Rothschild for correcting an erroneous statement that I previously made). Because the input voltage needs to be 12 volts DC this will not work with most USB wall chargers designed for the home.

The case is plastic but very well made. The plastic is a matte black which totally hides fingerprints, plus has a nice, non-slip feel. The edges are rounded for easy and comfortable gripping. The ends are a bright yellow which looks great against the black, plus makes it super simple to see the port labeling. The base is flat so it can stand up without any wobble.

As of the date of this review this is the highest capacity battery pack I could find on the market. It has a total capacity of 16000mAh, and can equally divide that by three if you do plug three devices into it simultaneously. What does that mean? Consider the total capacity of this battery against the stock battery capacity of the following common phones and tablets (I am using these models because I own them):

- iPad's 11,666 mAh battery.
- Samsung Galaxy Note II's 3100 mAh and the newer Galaxy Note 3 at 3450mAh.
- iPhone 4S and 5S at 1420mAh.

Do the math against your own device if it is not listed above. One final note: while all three ports are universal and most devices can be plugged into any of them, the documentation recommends that Samsung Galaxy Tabs only be plugged into port 1 and iPads only be plugged into port 3.

This is an incredible value for such a high capacity battery (at the time of this review). Considering the rate that this technology is improving I am not sure how long this one will be king, but the price point is excellent and the functionality this provides is the best there is at this time.

One parting note: this ships with an impressive collection of adapters that cover Apple 30-pin and Lightning, and various USB connections. Most folks already own charging cables and do not need the relatively flimsy ones that come with this battery. I hope EasyAcc replaces those with a cable like the USB A Male to 3.5 x 1.35mm DC Plug Barrel Connector Charge Cable I cited above. It would add even more value to this battery.

Great build quality, great capacity, fast charging. Although it’s on the hefty side, it’s a very capable powerbank for heavy-duty applications (such as tablet charging). Highly recommend.




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