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Excellent charging cables at a very good price


Its very difficult to write a review on USB charging cables as they all seem the same.


However, if you use charging cables like I do you soon realise that not all charging cables are the same.


EasyAcc state that The D+ and D- data pins in the micro USB plug are already shorted.


What this means in real terms in that the cable can only be used for charging, and given that the data lines have been shorted means that more power goes to the device you wish to charge and hence an improved charge time.


Also it is often the case that many charging cables are made of thin wire which means that they are what is called lossy.


In real terms this means that the cable loses some of the power over the length of the cable and as such when charging a device take longer for the device to be fully charged.


Also generally the longer the cable the more the loss.


EasyAcc USB cables are that much better, they have used larger cable sizes to reduce loss.


I tested them with a special USB power meter and could clearly see the improvement over cheaper alternatives.


Another really nice feature is that the USB cables connector is red, which allows you to differentiate the cable from a standard charging cable, a really nice idea,


What you will be rewarded with is a faster charge time for your chosen device and a quality cable that is sure to last.





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