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EasyAcc 10400mAh Dual USB Power Bank Brushed Aluminum Alloy Portable External Battery Charger


This review represents my personal and unbiased view on EasyAcc Powerbank 10400 mAh. In this test I will evaluate everything I think is important for consumer – consumer experience.


What's in the box:


- 10400 mAh Powerbank


- 2x micro usb cable


- User manual (read it!)


First impressions: Item was delivered in secure package. Powerbank itself is great looking device. It's made of aluminum body, which gives powerbank very high-end feel. It's very compact built and it fits nice in the hand. The dimensions of the powerbank are: 90x77x21.5 mm. The unit is also fingerprint –resistant. On the front of the unit, there are power button, 2 USB output ports (1x1A, 1x2.1A) and micro USB input port. There are also four indicators, that represents battery capacity. Each indicator stands for 25% of the battery power.


How it works: Powerbank is really easy to use. When you plug device in, powerbank starts charging it automatically. If you want to check battery level, just press power button. Indicator will go automatically off in few seconds. Powerbank must have above 5% of power capacity to charge your device. The powerbank has under 5% of the power capacity when one indicator is flashing. Because there are 2 output ports (1A and 2.1A), you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. I recommend charging tablets with 2.1A USB output port. It will charge them more quickly.




a) Battery efficiency: with first fully charged powerbank I charged 50% of Nexus 10, 30% of ipad mini retina and 36 % of nexus 7 (2012). All of them were charged separately. Battery efficiency with first full discharge was 72%, which is great. It takes few battery cycles, before powerbank reach its full potencial of battery efficiency.


b) Charging time: powerbank was fully charged (0-100%) in 6 hours, using desktop charger with 2.1A of output power. This means approximately 1730 mAh in one hour.


c) Charging speed: In one hour, powerbank was able to charge Note 4 from 13-63%. This is approximately 1610% mAh in one hour.


d) Compatibility: I haven't had any problems charging any device I put in the powerbank. Beside already mentioned devices I also charged bluetooth headset, bluetooth speaker, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 520, iPhone 5S, ipod nano and garmin gps watch.


e) Simultaneously charging: it is working properly, I had no problems charging two tablets simultaneously (ipad mini 1gen, ipad mini 2gen).


f) Overheating: no overheating problems, even when charging two devices simultaneously. When charging battery itself, I haven't noticed any change in temperature.


Conclusion: I am really satisfied with this powerbank. It's the best powerbank I used to date. Powerbank is great designed and with great performance. I am especially satisfied with charging speed of the powerbank, which is really fast. I most definetly recommend this powerbank to anyone, who looks for beautiful and powerful powerbank.


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